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New Life Study
This 7-part, in-depth Bible study helps you take your first steps in following Christ by answering key questions about your purpose in life and relationship with God.
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Follow the Master
Following baptism, this comprehensive, 36-lesson course helps you take your next steps in following Christ. It offers an up-close look at what the Bible teaches about God, life, relationships, and service.
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Core Documents
Familiarize yourself with our church mission, values, beliefs, and practices .
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Membership Application
Are you a follower of Christ who wants to become a member of the Brookdale church family? This membership application form will help you take an important step in that direction!
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Ready to Help
We believe Bible study happens best with others who are also following Christ. That's why we have friendly, knowledgeable people in all stages of life who are ready to help you take your next steps in following Christ!
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