Giving Together to Grow Together

Investing in Our Mission

We believe that an important way to accomplish our purpose is to invest financially in our mission together. That's why we call our budget our "Mission Investment Plan" (MIP for short). Will you prayerfully consider how you can invest in our mission of helping people take their next steps in following Christ?

Supporting the Vital Tier

Our Mission Investment Plan consists of two tiers. The Vital Tier includes ministry priorities which have proven to be effective and essential to our day-to-day functions and ministries. Our Vital Tier contribution target for 2024 is $7,526 per week.

Reaching the Growth Tier

The Growth Tier includes additional goals and initiatives we believe will enable us to expand our mission in more effective and meaningful ways. We can accomplish and implement these goals as we exceed our Vital Tier target.  Our Growth Tier target is an additional $325 per week.

Ways To Give

Here's how you can financially invest in the mission of Brookdale Baptist Church!

Give Online

You may give securely online through this page or our mobile app.

Give In Person

You may give personally, in person during our Sunday AM worship service.

Mail A Check

You may mail a check payable to Brookdale Baptist Church.

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